Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Coverage Update

Does anyone else think that athletes in the biathlon should wear assassin outfits? They could wear tight little ski unitards designed to look like movie assassins. Seeing them ski and shoot just reminds me of James Bond/Jason Bourne style shoot ‘em up craziness. And did the announcer say the biathlon course was sprayed with urea? Go ahead, let your mind run with that little nugget for a minute, let the “golden moment” jokes flow.

Do the mogul skiers pick the music that plays during their run? If so, way to go Michelle Roark! Eye of the Tiger is a fine choice.

Why aren’t we seeing all the medal ceremonies?

Canada could you just win a damn gold medal already! (UPDATE: YEAHHHH. They did it.)


  1. Is that a judging controversy I smell over in pairs ice-skating?

  2. I was getting into those music choices. Every now and then one would be completely random, like one of the women skiers choosing MJ's Bad. Unfortunately, she bailed part way through the middle stretch, so perhaps it was self-fulfilling.

  3. I love that skiing/shooting event. If I was crazy enough to want to train for the most tiring event in the world, that's the one I'd do. And I would TOTALLY want the outfits you suggest. With music. But, Lord, those fellows drool a lot, don't they?

  4. Eye of the Tiger was our official herky training song, if I am remembering correctly. So double thumbs up for that!

    And re: the, are skiing and shooting truly still relevant together?

  5. Helllllls yes double thumps up and nice luge coverage over at your place!

  6. I like the shooting and skiing otgether. Especially the thing that if you miss, you have to ski longer. Not "generic extra time on top of your time" but you actually have to do the penalty rounds in person. This means that they take longer time if you are bad ;) cruel me.. but it's sooooo exciting to watch them try and keep it together for the shooting.

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