Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why The Fuck Not?

Yeah, I’m game. We should have class outside. You are too old to be pulling these 6th grade tricks, but why the fuck not? I’ll do you one better and suggest that we should just not have class. It is far too nice out. I am in complete agreement that we should all be outside. Fuck class. Go wherever you want, just spend this time sitting outside. Take your shoes off, find a patch of grass, a bench, a step, whatever…just find yourself a spot to be in for the next hour. We all need this. We are all a bit frazzled and tired of wearing coats. Let’s just chill out for a bit. Damn, sometimes being a professor is great.


  1. Half my class got that memo months ago. They've been having class outside since the first week. Those same treehuggers constantly ask me for study guides, but sacrificing trees just doesn't seem to jive with my idea of their outdoorsy ways. Meh. They'll be repeating the class anyway, so maybe next time, they'll pull up a seat inside the lecture hall.

  2. Today was pretty nice though. Well it would've been. If I hadn't had a migraine all day. I blame the vile latin tests I took this week, and the stress associated therewith.

  3. If I had a migraine and latin tests, this post would have a markedly angrier tone...