Saturday, May 30, 2009

Covert Ops

Fortunately (for both me and you), Ambivalent Academic has tagged me. This means my previously scheduled post concerning the proper care and maintenance of crocheted toaster cozies will be postponed— hopefully permanently. Just know that nothing says “elegance, sophistication, and modernity” like covering petty appliances with yarn.

Best Cover and Worst Cover Ever

Best: “Ring of Fire” Social Distortion
I know the Johnny Cash version is a classic. But there is room in my musical heart for the Social D version to also be a classic. Social D (pre-rehab) could do no wrong.

Worst: “Anarchy in the UK” Motley Crue
Why did these losers think they could take on a Sex Pistols song? Don’t even bother to click on the video. Seriously, unless you just ingested a poisonous substance and need to induce vomiting don’t click.

If you actually enjoy Motley Crue, in a non-funny way, TAG your it! (and please explain the appeal)


  1. Normally, I'd condemn anybody covering Cash (but not Cash covering anybody), but that ROCKS. Thanks

  2. Okay, the Motley Crue cover sucks. They are too glam to be punk. BUT, I LOVED them in high school. Too Fast for Love. Shout at the Devil. Saw them twice in concert. And I'm not sure how to explain the appeal other than the fact that I was--as I'm sure I have said before--a teenage girl in the Midwest in the 80s, and I am somewhat impressionable person. But I did love the driving beat. Loved the power ballads. Thought Tommy Lee was hot.

    I remember having a moment of existential and political crisis in college when I was at a bar and "Girls, Girls, Girls" came on. The beat moved me. But I was also a women's studies student. So it was, "Crap. How does a young feminist rock out to a Motley Crue song about female strippers?"

  3. YEAH! Social D fan!

    OK GEW, I can understand that (I once saw Billy Squier in concert)...and the existential crisis caused by high school fun...yep, I hear you on that.

  4. I saw Billy Squier in concert too (with Foreigner--yeah)!

    If I hear his songs on the radio, I STILL turn them up. To 11.

  5. Inkster, good to know you are back! (Foreigner? that's the pain pills talking right?)

  6. INK hearts Foreigner!! me too:)
    Speedy Recovery!

  7. (torn between admitting her love of Foreigner and meeting Dr. No's standards...)

    Thanks, Anon! :) Very much enjoyed it and have two observations.

    1. They all appear shockingly young.

    2. I never noticed before how much Lou Gramm looks like Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs, eek!

  8. Once one admits to attending a Squiers concert there are no standards!

  9. There are so many things wrong with Motley Crue covering not just a Sex Pistols song, but THAT Sex Pistols song, I don't know where to begin.

    Actually, I heard a lovely cover of Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Carlos Santana and Joan Baez. It was sometime between '86 and '89. They were with the Boston Pops (my parents were driving and therefore commanded the radio buttons), but performed the song accoustically. I wasn't a Foreigner fan, and didn't really like that song, but they made it heartbreaking.

  10. Did anybody see the reality show a few summers back called "Tommy Lee Goes to College"? It was only a few episodes. Funny stuff.

    Ah, Santana. I start to groove just thinking about Santana.

  11. TOASTER COZIES!?!?Sweaters for me!?

    I got an email from titled "Exploding Toasters" and was very excited, and worried, until I opened it.

  12. Really? Not even "Long, Long Way From Home" or "Blue Morning, Blue Day" or "Dirty White Boy" or "Juke Box Hero"? Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the ballad phase--though I would very much like to hear Joan Baez covering any of their songs--but those boys can twang a guitar and bang a keyboard around.

    High-five, Anon.

  13. Hey Ink, there's a card over there for you...if you could open it, you would hear it blasting Areosmiths "Back in the Saddle"...

  14. Thanks, Dr. No! I am as happy as a lead singer twirling a microphone with a scarf tied to it right now!

    (I would herky but it isn't medically advisable for 8 weeks, so I'm doing two thumbs up instead, which is so very lame that I'm a little embarrassed about it and let's not mention it again, ok?)

  15. Thumbs up works, I did some extra herkies for you this morning anyway...after I Jazzercised.

  16. HA HA HA! Did you wear your bedazzled leotard for Jazzercising? Sweet!

    And thanks again for the card (I'm still laughing about that cartoon).

  17. Legwarmers and an off-the-shoulder-Flashdance sweatshirt, too! What a feeling! (Herky!)

    No, I wasn't that into those songs then, either. It wasn't that I hated them, and I wouldn't flip the station if they came on, I just had more -- what's the word for it? -- nerdier taste, followed by taste that would have made me something approximating cool had I been living in, say, 1972.