Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Vending Machine Guy: Thanks. I make work for you. You see every week I am in some part responsible for the depleted number of Starbucks Mocha Frappuccinos in the machine. And every week, you fill it back up. Without you my productivity would be in the shitter. Thanks, you will be in the acknowledgements of my next pub.

Inter-Library Loan Personnel: You are very efficient and your efforts are much appreciated. Sometimes you send me things I request too fast, I honestly don’t even get around to reading them for months. But sometimes, I need that latest Plow Science paper like NOW. And you deliver, saving me the embarrassment of making some horribly egregious statement about the lack of plow advancements.

Anonymous Reviewer #3: Yes! I will look into that. Interesting point, much appreciated.

Department Office Assistant: I was really panicking about those two students who were working for me and weren’t getting their credit hours…I sent emails, made phone calls, etc…you managed to clear this up in like 3 minutes. Damn you are good. Thanks.

Office Door: Thank you for shutting.


  1. Jesus, Acadmnit. Mocha frapuccinos in the vending machine and a dean who does his own grocery shopping? What alternate universe do you live in?

  2. Really? Is that weird? Now I once visited a department in another state that had a nacho stand in the lobby...that's weird. Awesome, but weird.

  3. We have a coffee stand right outside the main door. We joke about hooking up a "capp or frap hose" from the stand through our window like a life line (er, bong). If we open the windows, we're all toast - the entire floor smells like delic coffee and zippo gets done. The kiss of death is the damn pastries. Summertime brings the lemonade, pretzels, and hotdogs! killa.

  4. I love the man, woman or whatever cosmic force that restocks the powdered donuts in the hospital cafeteria vending machines.

  5. I get hungry every time I see that beignet pic...stupid insanely delicious fried dough products...

  6. Nice reminder to be thankful every once in a while. I seem to focus on the fact that Oxford inter-library requests cost a staggering £4/item whereas I should focus on the little cutie at the desk who writes me awfully polite notification emails. Bless.