Saturday, October 24, 2009

Most Post

As many of my blogging colleagues reach various milestones (e.g., one year blogging anniversary, 300th post, etc.) it has me thinking. Thinking generally makes my head hurt. But, on rare occasions when sobriety takes hold, I like to give it a try. Better yet, I like to pass the onerous task of thinking off to others. I’ve been thinking about my blog, my favorite posts, my least favorite, my most read, etc… So if you don’t mind, please put on your thinking caps and think about the following questions. It would be fun to read all of your answers. (and yes, I’m working on my answers too)

Add a big ol’ WHY to each of these questions. Feel free to answer only the ones you want and to make your own “most” categories.

Most Liked Post? (by you)
Most Liked Post? (based on readers comments or hits)
Most Memorable Post?
Most Indicative of Your Blog Identity Post?
Most Humorous Post?
Most Regrettable Post?
Most Misunderstood Post?
Most Satisfying to Write Post?
Most Likely To Never Be Posted Post?
Most Important Post?
Most *Adjective of Your Choice* Post?


  1. Dude, you are totally fucking baiting me here, and you know I'm going to bite. I'm supposed to be writing a book chapter!

  2. Which reminds me...back in the early 90s, before the saying was widespread (at least it hadn't reached my hometown, apparently) I jokingly once said "Bite me" to my husband during a holiday family gathering. The shocked looks, the ghastly silence, the fumbling efforts to explain that yes, it was actually a real saying and no, it wasn't the equivalent to the F-bomb...whew. Good times.

    (Did you see how I distracted you there, without committing to the challenge at hand? Muhahahahaha.)

  3. That TOTALLY worked. If you hadn't pointed out your trickery, I never would have noticed. Damn.

  4. Assignment received, professor. However, I'll be turning it late since I plan to be sick on the day it's due: I hope that's ok?

  5. Okay, I don't think I can answer all of the questions without doing a lot of homework and reviewing, and since it's late and I still need to order my son's astronaut costume, I'll go from memory:

    Most memorable: Reptilian Brain Post and the Eels post

    Most Important: Toss up between Service Whore post and the naked swimming one

    Most liked: I think it was when you were out of town and we all partied at your place--not that it wouldn't have been more fun if you'd been there. The whole Herky thread was a good one, too, of course.

    Which reminds me: Apparently somehow, I overlooked the gender post. I noticed the link to it in your current post. Until your recent leather satchel post, I thought you were a women. I think I thought that because you were friendly and funny (in a swearing, venting sort of way). Maybe also because of the herkies. But now with the talk of the tweed and leather satchels, I'm revising my inference. However, I seem to remember you keeping my 80's ankle boots or an anklet or something, so I'm picture some good 80s Madonna wear to go under your tweed.

    Back to the Most Post: Mostly I just really like your posts. So funny. Your writing is so good--the way a good scalpel is good (when used well).

  6. Aw shucks, thanks GEW. Now can I tempt you to Most Post? (After astronaut costume is procured of course)

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