Thursday, October 1, 2009

100 Blogging Posts On The Wall, 100 Blogging Posts…

I dedicate this post to you my dear readers, who I will collectively call Annieopiadamngood-bearcoghopefulambivalentgentlemancliovellum-beargravitaslikejc(enough)substance. On second thought, that’s a rather lousy nickname so I’ll just refer to you as “readers” (but you know who you are). The Acadamnit centennial, is it a milestone? A shining moment in blog history? Is anyone preparing a commemorative book/special journal edition/conference symposium celebrating this momentous occasion? Probably not. All it means is that this post is boiling on the Celsius scale, it’s 10 degrees south of due east, we’re damn close to the molecular weight of calcium carbonate, and for those of you consulting your handy dandy periodic tables- welcome to Fermium (yeah we’re radioactive)!

My first post was written during the height of my T&P experience…now I am safely ensconced in the sabBATical cave. What can I say? The SabBATical cave rocks. I had been griping about getting old earlier, but you know, it has its benefits. My life in many ways resembles summer break in high school. I work a few hours and fuck off a lot. I’ve hung out, traveled, gotten trashed in the middle of the day, slept till noon, been to movies, saw my favorite band play, read my ass off, cooked good food, got dressed up, went camping, went to a demolition derby (no shit), and watched some good tv. Fucking high school! But, and this is a profound difference, I a). have some money; and b). am not as stupid as I was in high school. It’s a good combo, high school lifestyle with a grown-up brain. I dig it. When does anyone get a year to just hang? To enjoy all the stuff they normally don’t have time for? …but now I have a year, my own house, no curfew, an ID, and some understanding of how the world works. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about cops anymore (or anyone puking).


  1. Aw shoot, you heard about the commemorative book, special journal edition, and conference symposium that we were planning? Allright, those are off, then. We'll have to come up with another way to honor you.

    Something with HERKIES! And CHEETOS! And GOOD FONTS! And A PARTY AT YOUR PLACE (because last time, you weren't there for all the dionysian antics)!!!

    When you need a break from all of your, ahem, hard SaBATtical work, let's partay like it's 1999, mmmmkay?

    Congrat, Dr. No. So happy that you came ranting into the blogosphere lo, these 100 posts ago. You're awesome.

  2. ps: "It’s a good combo, high school lifestyle with a grown-up brain" is brilliant.

  3. Damnit, I knew I was doing something wrong. I have a grown-up lifestyle with a high school brain. Why didn't you warn me I was backwards?

    Welcome to the century club and I'll toast to 100 more.

  4. You went to a demolition derby!?!?! I would share details, but my uncle was part-owner of a truck that went up against BigFoot and got canned. yeah, I'm a hick. Anywho, I'll spray paint "HERKY!" somewhere on the next truck to celebrate you. My uncle already thinks I'm nutz, it'll be fun showing him what a herky is.
    100 posts AND alot of fucking off? Damn, keep going. I'm right behind you with the fucking off. jc

  5. Ink: I'm up for a party, but please continue with the special journal edition.

    Prof-like: Thanks, uhm, if I have a party would you try to keep your pants on this time?

    JC: No way! The derby (and cheap PBR's) was a blast.

  6. Congrats on #100! Where can I purchase my set of commemorative plates?

  7. Call for Papers (extended deadline) - Special Journal Issue: After his recent 100th blog post, we are dedicating our Winter issue to the discussion of the cultural signficance of Dr. No. Topics might include herkiemania, profane kitchen objects, leotards, font assessment, baked ziti, anti-Faulknerian rantage, and the art of Acadamnitian humor. For consideration, please submit a 500-word abstract, a curriculum vitae, and $100 cash to Ink.

  8. First, I believe Prof-like should keep his pants off (it was such a hoot last time, with the cheetos and all---long story).
    Second, congrats Dr. No on your shining achievement (100 posts, of course) and on what sounds like the most awesome saBATtical ever.

    And Dear Ink: I'll be working on my abstract this weekend between grading essay ones (sigh). I"m thinking of a theoretical discussion of how Faulkner's sentences would have been much improved with the appropriate font.

  9. Mmmmmm. Cake!

    Happy Century Post! We shall do 100 herkies in celebration!

  10. Did you sent a note to Willard Scott so that he could recognize your 100th blogday on the Today show? No? Just as well. I've always thought him to be a bit creepy.

    Congrats! And I will be submitting a paper titled, "The Semiotic and Scientific Values of Cheetos."

    Party on.

    P.S. Your sabBATical cave sounds cooler than mine. I work a little bit, and then I clean up after the family, do laundry, and cook. And I seem to spend the rest of the time preparing for trips or unpacking. I'm going to need to rethink this. I start teaching again in January!

  11. Hmmmm. I'm 99 posts late then. But, I must say I'm getting comfy. I've been to a demolition derby. I am surprised anyone else has gone.

  12. Panderbear: Geez, I'm running a classy joint here. There will be no commemorative plates (that's soooo truck stop), now if you'd like a commemorative spoon (more national park gift shop) I can hook you up.

    Ink: You'll waive the fee for me right? I mean, I have ALOT to say about myself...

    Annieem: Your paper sounds fantastic, about 200 pages should be sufficient.

    Clio: Hell yeah cake!

    Good Enough: Willard is creepy. Something about his eyes + old people + Smuckers = weird sexual creepiness.

    Kim: If your going to get your abstract (and $100) to Ink on time you better start reading! Well, herkies, cheetos, fonts, and assholes pretty much sums things up around here.

  13. 100!!!11!!! Woot!!! You are so impressive.

  14. Willard reminds me of the guy in scifi films who eventually peels off his skin to reveal a lizardy alien beneath. Not sure why...

    Ok, Dr. No, your fee is hereby waived. But how about you pay for the Cheetos bar at the launch party?

  15. And you wondered if the sabbatical would kill your blogging! ha! My poster shall feature your fabulous work with fonts; I don't have time to work up yet another blasted paper.