Thursday, October 22, 2009

Attachment Disorder

Why? The manuscript is done, everything is in the correct file format, and the letter to the editor is composed. All that is left is to push the damn button. Attach. Just attach the file. Push the button. Puuuuusssh it. But I always pause. What if? What if this manuscript is terrible? What if it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written? The worst thing ever written? Fuck it. Push the damn button.


  1. This is the appropriate final moment to any project (aka Holy Crap, I'm Sending This Into The World phase).

    Congratulations! Cheetos all around!

    Then prepare for the next phase, which is Holy Crap, Now I Have To Start A New Project! ;)

  2. Whenever you think that you may have composed the worst thing ever written, it is appropriate to incline your head in appreciation to William Topaz McGonagall. While his works remain alive, no one else can claim that honor.

    Also, did someone say "new project"? Funny, I have this thing due tonight, and it's not really started yet...I'll give co-author credit, I promise!

  3. Heh. I couldn't WAIT to get that bitch of my hard drive and out into the ether. I totally understand your trepidation, I really do. But hitting "attach" and "send" means IT'S OUT OF MY HANDS (fucking finally). Well, at least until it comes back from review. *Le sigh*. Anywhooo, congrats on finally doing it!

  4. Ink, I think you skipped a phase: Holy Crap, they think my paper is total crap! And they're so completely wrong! What am I gonna do?

    I know I'm not the only one who goes through this phase after review...

  5. Good catch, Ms. PhD! :)

    Dr. No, I forgot to say that the only way I can *ever* hit SEND is to start saying things like, Well, I Did The Best I Could, Anyway...or I Don't Even Care If It Sucks, I Just Want To Be Done Now and Forever.

    And Pander, hope that you are currently celebrating completion of your project, too. With Cheetos.

  6. I'm with AA. By the time I finish something, whether it's a grant or manuscript, I can't push that button fast enough. See ya, and don't come back too soon.

  7. My least favorites are the two button ones:
    1. Press Submit
    2. Pop up box appears saying "Are you sure you want to submit?"

  8. I'm jealous of you happy button pushers.