Friday, June 11, 2010

Lawn Service

Uhm, what? I have to do what? I have to do that when? How many times? For how long? Why?

Oh. Because that other person is going on sabbatical next year…and they did shit for me while I was on sabbatical…so I should just shut the fuck up and do shit for them? Yep. It’s the only reasonable response. Yep. End of blog post. Nothing to complain about here, no sirrrreeeee.

DAMNIT! SHIT. IS THAT SOME KIND OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE? FUCK. That sounds like it involves actual work, crap, and that other thing? Ugh. I’ll do it, only because I left a big stinking pile of service in the departmental lawn and somebody else cleaned it up. So it’s my turn to pick up service turds.


  1. Correction: advisory committees merely "advise" (aka nod heads in agreement). There's no actual work involved unless you count kissing ass actual work.

  2. Well, you know what they say..."buddies for life." (Sorry, it's the picture. I couldn't help it.)

  3. service turds -- good description -- must use it

  4. The grass does smell a little weird...