Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Is Cold, But It Does Not Cause Parking Spaces to Spontaneously Appear

Granted, there is snow on the ground. The lines delineating each parking space are obscured. But, if you are parking in this University Lot, then you have a permit. As such, you should be intimately familiar with the general layout and size of parking spaces here. Has there ever been parking directly adjacent to the front door of this building? I enter through that door every damn day. You’d think I would remember having to squeeze myself, my laptop, and my coffee past your bumpers every damn day…I’m pretty sure, make that certain, that there are no legal parking spaces here. Did Transportation come and add some new spots? If so, how did they manage to paint the lines without moving the snow? It looks like they must have altered the old spots too. It appears they have expanded the slot sizes, since every vehicle now seems to have 5 feet of space between it and adjacent vehicles. Since this lot can accommodate only half of its previous vehicle capacity, I guess they had to add those front door spots. But I wonder why they removed all the handicapped parking, and added that spot in front of a hydrant— seems odd. I should have driven to work today. I think I see a prime spot in the alleyway, it used to be a loading zone, but I swear, I now see some parking spot lines under the snow. Yep, can’t you see them? They’re white.

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  1. Between this and the post on university campus websites, I am totally convinced that you're a professor at my former MRU.

    But I still have no idea about your gender.

    And yes, I have been going page by page through your entire blog to catch up on what I've been missing out on.