Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dr. Mysterio

Oh, it’s you. I’ve been wondering who you were. I have been curious about your identity for a few weeks now. Prior to this, I had constructed your image based on the clues you have been leaving me. The most obvious indication of your personality is your chronic inability to manage your time. You force me to think about this quirk of yours three times a week. I got this clue. As I stand here in the hallway waiting for your class to clear out, so my class can come in, I am left to ponder this issue. It is good that I can stand here immersed in my thoughts of you, because otherwise I am trapped chit-chatting with my students as we wait. It is an awkward social position for all of us. There are additional clues. You REALLY like scribbling on the whiteboard, and you really don’t like erasing the whiteboard or putting the caps back on the dry erase markers. Your class seems interesting, you leave copies of your assignments and handouts all over the dais. They are very mysterious to me, I cannot quite pinpoint what class this is. I could look it up, but that would ruin the mystery. Every day there is a different combination of lights and various technologies turned on and off. You must really like to mix things up. Until now, that’s all I knew about you. After a week, I finally realized that you must exit, your usual 5-8 minutes late, through that funky little door at the back of the room. I enter through the main door, hence the mystery of your identity. But I saw you today, indeed making your escape through that weird door. Doesn’t that open into that strange inter-building alley space? One of those odd campus spaces created through very poor construction planning? What are you doing back there? Where could you possibly be going that you would want to start your journey there? Anyway, I caught a glimpse of you. Now I know that you are tall, skinny, and wear a hat. Many mysteries still remain however. We have all semester, so no rush. You leave your clues and I will collect them. Just know, I got the you cannot end class on time clue— no need to keep sending me that message.


  1. I think I know this guy's wife.

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