Saturday, December 27, 2008

ATTN: Wiley-Blackwell

What makes you think I would be interested in a free preview of the journal Plow Science? Why are you sending me emails about it? What have I EVER done to make you think I would be in the least bit interested? Is something exciting happening in the wide, wide, world of plows? Something we all need to know about? It took me many years to recover from the shock of the steam-oxen plow and the motorized-coach plow, I doubt I can take any more plow advancements. Do you honestly think that the mere act of publishing in one of your journals means that I am now interested in all of your publications? You likely publish a journal dedicated solely to email marketing, you should read it. Look at your subscription data, it should be clear that subscribers to Plow Science also read Acta Oxen and the Proceedings of the British Plough Society. Consequently, I am not your ideal audience since I have never expressed the slightest interest in any of these publications. So, stop with the endless emails regarding random journals. And while I’m at it, all of you people organizing pseudo-conferences with titles like “Technology, Science, Teaching and Communication” in far-flung utterly boring places stop with the mass email invites. You are really starting to piss me off. If you’d like me to give a paper at least make the conference appear slightly more legitimate and hold it somewhere with a beach… and palm trees.


  1. For those of us in Plow Science, this post is a bit offensive. We feel our field is relevant to all academic realms. Have you considered the semiotics of tilling? Or the relativistic nature of plows operating near light speed? Or the biblical significance of the plow in Byzantine frescos? A little sensitivity to plow scientists would be appreciated.

  2. Ahhh ahahahahaa

    The part about not being able to handle any more plow advancements made me lol.

  3. Yes the journals have started spamming now - maybe they learnt something from the penis enlarging spammers?