Sunday, June 28, 2009

Suck It Trebek

Jeopardy Categories I Suck At vs. Categories I Could Kill On
(answer I would write for the Final Jeopardy round)

1. Opera Singers************Ape or Singer?
(Kathleen Battle)***************(Singer)

2. Geography**************Google Earth
(Red Sea)*******************(16°43'58.02"S 179°45'5.35"W)

3. German Folk Songs*****German Folk Bongs
(no fucking idea)*************(the Bob Marley Commemorative)

4. Crossword Clues “B”****Sudoku Clues “8”
(bolo tie)***********************(8!)

5. Poets*******************Potent Potables

6. Odds and Ends*********Ends with Odd
(James Polk)*****************(Mary Todd)

7. Naval Battles***********Naval Types

8. Anagrams**************A Grams An____?
(if tuck)******************* *(ounce, 0.035th of)

9. Rhyme Time********(**Mime Rhyme
(deck Trebek)***************(Marcel fell)

10. The Bible*************The Bibliography
(Jacob? Esau?)***************(PNAS)


  1. What is FIJI!!!???

    I hope it was a baily doudle. jc

  2. YES!

    -you are truly all knowing jc.

  3. This post discriminates against your foreign market. You're finished, Dr No. Finished. No, really, can you please give me a teeny intro or else I will just wait for the next post with my front teeth over my bottom lip.

  4. Hopeful: No explanation needed, I've just gone barmy (did I use that correctly?). Alex Trebek hosts a long-running game show called Jeopardy, a game show that I suck at and it annoys me. Google it and you'll see how the question categories are phrased and my poor attempt to mock them.

  5. I have to say I know exactly what Jeopardy is and I was still confused. But then, I also don't get cryptic crosswords and this was kind of like those.

  6. You might also consider 8°27'16.32"S 115° 4'30.03"E.

  7. Ok, that is one of my favorite SNL skits ever. And you just made it better by pairing that hilAriOus pic w/your own witty take.

    (Now that I'm thinking about it, the pic is only hilarious if you've seen the skit. Otherwise, it looks like two actors dressed up like Alex Trebek and Sean Connery. But if you've seen the skit, I bet you laughed the instant you saw it!)

  8. And now for your viewing pleasure, I have posted the SNL version on my blog. :D

  9. Never mind. It's not working. But you can watch it here!

    Sorry for the multipostings. Sigh.

  10. Thanks Ink! It's one of my SNL favorites too.

  11. Sheez Ink, you better lay off that potent potable tonight! I had no idea that old SNL skits were on the nbc site. Church Lady, Pump You Up, Deep Thoughts! Gonna. Get. No. Paragraphs. Written. Tonight.

    Hopeful, you are missing a really shitty game show. The SNL skit is far more entertaining, which is what the game show is supposed to be, entertaining. Be thankful that it hasn't graced the foreign teevee.

  12. But I love me some potent potables (hiccup)!

  13. "Doctor, No" is a category on Jeopardy RIGHT NOW!!

    It's a Bond, James Bond inspired show with other cheesy categories of "Diamonds are Forever", "4 I's only", "Quantum of Shoelace", and "Moonraker".