Monday, April 26, 2010

Here Nor There

Brace yourselves because I have one very long ramble in me. This is one of those blog posts that will be far, far too long. Random observations will be flying, tangents are inevitable and I might even need to include footnotes. Boredom for you, my dear readers, is imminent. So you know, expect to start reading but then feel free to switch to skimming, or gouging your eyes out, or heavy drinking. But I haven’t written one of these in awhile. Why is that? I don’t really know. It finally started to get a little sunny, I put in a patio, it was 4/20, I did some work… I could provide you with many possible excuses. But none of them are really the issue. I just sorta lost interest. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like blogging. Because I do. And I like the readers of this thing- you people are interesting. Sorry to call you “you people” but I mean that kindly my intertubes peeps. I can also admit that blogging provides a unique thrill. Isn’t it exciting to get a comment? They never cease to amaze me. And I have blogs that I read regularly. Blog reading and writing just became an everyday part of my life. And then it didn’t. And how many sentences can I start with And anyway?

My interest just waned. I just did other stuff. I got thoroughly emerged into the luxury of sabbatical. I’m not going to say that it’s just been one big party. It hasn’t. I’ve done some work, enough to keep up my end of the sabbatical bargain. But you know, I haven’t been this free of obligations since I was probably 14. I’ve just been doing the things I always wished I had more time to do. Blogging, enjoyable as it is, just got a bit lost in the shuffle. It’s like that jar of fancy olives you buy that ends pushed into the back of your fridge where it sits forgotten about until one day you grope around back there in your fridges nether regions. And you realize holy shit I have yummy olives! So you pop a few in your mouth and check the liquor stash for martini fixings. So I’m back. I’m emerging from a blog reading and writing hiatus, cocktail shaker in hand.

Huh? What just happened there? Did I just compare blogging to forgotten pickled products in fridge nether regions? Yes sirrreee I did. What the fuck? I also just realized that my absence in blog world has been noticed. Shit. What can I say? What was I trying to say? I can’t really explain it. I was just laying low. No, I know! I just ran out for some ice! YES. Ice. See, look in the freezer. I got that ice. Enjoy! Fuck. What am I doing? I don’t know. I’m at THAT stage of sabbatical. Granted, indecision is a luxury. But…crap. I have lots of…lots of, well, chapters. I need a few more though. But fuck. A tropical island awaits me.

My brain has had two preoccupations lately. One is a panicky sense of needing to finish something- reminiscent of the final stages of dissertation writing. The other is absolute excitement at the prospect of sunny beaches and cold beer. You’d think I could work this situation to my advantage. Not a lot of mental gymnastics involved in committing myself to working and then celebrating in the ocean. But, ugh. I just want to skip ahead to the fun part. Damn.


  1. Major herkies for a successful sabbatical. Congrats! And you'll get those last chapters done. You just will. Either before or after the tropical sunny relaxing.

    And pardon me, but how can I get a job at your school? Because a sabbatical followed by a sunny beach and many cocktails is way better than what I have going on. Which is, like, indescribably horrible right now. For example, I almost came to blows with someone in a meeting today. Not really. But it felt like that's where it could have gone, with world enough and time. But the point is: can you get me a job over there?

    And I know what you mean about blogging. Sometimes I think it's time to quit. Then a little while later, I can't imagine going without it. In any case, welcome back. Missed you.

  2. Damn that martini looks good.

    Oh, wait, you wrote a post, too? I should probably read it now.

  3. *herky* *herky* *herky*
    You're back!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    I am soooo your olive.

    My suggestion from the olive jar is to go on a vacay. Get away even for a few days. Have some beach and sun and fun, you'll get some of the dread out of your system, and make room for new sentences. Or you can clean out your fridge and get me some new juice.

  4. Howdy peeps.

    Ink: Thanks. You almost punched someone? Holy Shit. That's awesome and terrible.

    Annieem: Feel free to continue staring at the drink. It does look good.

    JC: Vacay...aaahhhhhh, islandy goodness.

  5. great post. And thanks for the idea. If anybody asks what I've been doing lately, I'll tell them I've been on "sabbatical" writing "chapters".

  6. Welcome back, Dr. No. I've been in the mood for a rambling, alcohol-fueled, obscenity-laden blog post lately. Although, I must protest: not enough obscenities. Maybe they are hiding behind the olives? Reach way into the recesses of your metaphorical fridge and I suspect they will be waiting for you.

  7. Yay! Dr. No loves us!!!

    I am almost paralysing myself with my desire to finish my PhD before a France holiday. The worry that I might not get it done before can take up a whole morning.

    All the best with your completion

  8. Ms.PhD: I plan to use the word "chapters" very liberally in my sabbatical report...

    Bitternsweet: Motherfucking fucking hell! (just a few more obscenities for you)

    Drewski: Agreed.

    Hopeful: I've completely thrown in the towel and spend my mornings thinking about what I should pack.

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